sherwood bouzouki

This bouzouki was actually one of the the first bouzouki's I ever bought, to be exact this is my second one. The first sounded like a cornflake box with strings but this had a very mellow and sweet tone, and I really enjoyed the sound of it alot.It is not very loud but what it lacked in volume it made up for in sweetness.

I bought it in Dublin, and the guy in the shop was great. He could see that I knew nothing about them and took the time to set it up perfectly and even showed me a few things. This old bouzouki has travelled alot and has maintained a wonderful sweet tone for many, many years now.

The newer range of Sherwoods that I tried recently, don't seem to have the sweetness in tone as these older models have. So my advice is, if you are looking for a Sherwood bouzouki, look in the second hand pages, shops or online auctions.You might get a much sweeter tone !